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1. Choose your preferred pass
2. Select a start date, since its valid for 7 days
3.Purchase it
4. You will get a digital personalized pass to your email immediately
5. Show it to the staff before paying and the discount will be deducted directly
6. Save money & enjoy!

You only need to buy 1 pass per person ( kids under 6yrs dont need a pass!) and use it unlimitedly at any location & for any activities listed on this site! 
Its valid for 1 week .

Our VIP Pass offers several opportunities to save money

You can choose to purchase a pass to ge 10% discount or 20% !

All passes are personalized and can only be used by the members, that have been signed up in advance!

All passes are valid for 7 days.

With showing your pass you will get up to 20% discounts on:

- all transfers

- all car rentals

- all restaurants 

- all bars

- all clubs

- all excursions & activities

- all shops

- all museums

listed on the site!

Please note that not all partners offer the same discounts. When buying a specific pass, it is granted that you recieve the chosen discount from most of the partners - not all of them since some offer only 10% while others offer 15% or 20%!

You may check the specific discounts of each partner on our website.

When buying tickets to excursions, keep in mind that only we can add the discount while check out, not third-party websites! 

Therefore make sure to contact us before booking activities so we can provide a discount code for you that can be used at check-out.

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